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2016 - year in a pill
January 04, 2017 by Adam Pajkert

2016 year in a pill

Last year was a breakthrough for me. I've done a lot of cool stuff, includes things like my first job, some won competitions and other cool stuff. Now it's the time to summary all the things that happened in the 2016. Let's start.


I finished junior high school and finally went to highschool with informatic direction! My new school is rather boring. Except normal school subjects like math, geography or history I have some technical subjects related to computers. There's a lot of basics ( like logic gates or cpu registers ), explained for people that never saw computer, nothing interesting. I hope it will be much more interesting in the next class.


This year was so successful in terms of programming competitions. I've made few cool projects. Some of them took first place! I was using variety of cool technologies, like Java, C++, Assembly! I've done 3 games, program calculating light based on terrain that comes with attached bitmaps and bootloader graphics art for Gynvael's OS. Check out some of this projects, links below.

Genek Compnt XOXOXO Light calculations Bootloader art

My own server

With the help of Github Student Developer Pack, I run my own VPS server on Digital Ocean and domain. It helped me a lot to start playing with servers a little bit and learn something about administrating servers, keeping it secure etc. I'm using it as a webserver, using NGINX server, IRC client (Weechat), screenshot server, teamspeak3 server and more! I will explain software on my server in the future.

If you want some good VPS server on Digital Ocean you can use my referral link. It will give you $10 to spent, so it's definitely worth it.

Digital Ocean

Commercial projects

Second half of a year was very productive. I've made two websites with me and my friend for local businesses. First website was built by coworking with SEO, second one 100% by us. My friend was responsible for graphics and design, while code is 100% mine. We've learned a lot about web development and cooperating with clients. Some elements of these website could be made in another way, but we respected clients feedback so it is like they want it. You can take a look at our websites using links below. There's one more big project that I'm working on. It's a webapp written in Django assisting some specific type of buisness. Currently in development under the watchful eye of our founder.

Kserokopiarki Prima MotoDudek

Personal projects

At the end of year I've started two more projects. I wanted to have my own portfolio (about me) website and better blog. It should be simple and as fast as possible, so my choice was pretty obvious - Jekyll. Jekyll is a static site generator with blog like structure support, even with pagination. Now you are probably looking at blog, but you can click top-right "About" button to visit portfolio site. Also you can take a look at the actual code too! Whole source code is on my github profile, links below.

About me Blog


It was a good year. I hope that 2017 will be as good as 2016 was.


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