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LPT Motor Driver
April 20, 2016 by Adam Pajkert

LPT Motor Driver GUI

Simple program that allows you to control two stepper motors using PC LPT port. You can use it on Windows, includes Windows XP. Easy to control via text user interface or even graphics user interface. Project was presented with my friend Piotr Grohs at ZSTE Radzionków promotional days. Program was created totally wireless. It means that I didn't had any chance to test the software by myself. I've just had circuit schematic. I don't even have any PC with LPT port to test it out. Program had 3 test, by my friend - all passed. It was so cool that it works without debugging. I'm very proud of this project. I've learned a lot of cool stuff, and of course I had a lot of fun.

Download Source


Text user interface.

Stepper motors in action

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